Once upon a time, I was a research statistician and worked in clinical trials for a few years. After having my own children I often find myself astonished by how fleeting each stage of family life really is.

My love for photography has changed my life, for the better. 

It slows me down and allows me to be much more aware and present in life.
As a portrait photographer, my goal is to tell your family’s ordinary but extraordinary story through beautiful artistic images that will last a lifetime. 

Based in Mercer Island, WA and available all throughout Seattle area. 


Hi ~ I am Keala! 

During a newborn session with a client nursing her son, I told her, "you are so beautiful". But, she replied, "No, you make me look beautiful" and that's really not the case.

I just love showing you how you are beautiful the way you are. Because, it's so true. You really are. I cannot wait to show you. 

This is why I do what I do...

A few of my favorite things...

"The days go by with so many little things that don't seem to matter until they are no longer there and suddenly, they are all that ever mattered." - Brian Andreas


Friends is my favorite television show! I've probably watched the show a million times. My favorite episode was Ross screaming "pivot, pivot, PIVOT!" with Rachel at the couch scene.

TV Show

It's an exhilaration and a passion that my family shares. My girls are 7 and 8 - they've been to 18 countries (and counting!). Safari in South Africa was my most memorable adventure! 


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